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Here at Surf City Insurance Services, we are dedicated to you and all your different insurance needs.
We've been around for over 15 years and we've won several awards for the best insurance firm. But, our most important win is making you a happy, life-long customer. 

Taking Care of Your Business

It's hard to know just how your business needs to be insured and what you should be insuring for. But don't worry, today we're going to go over all your questions.

About Surf City Insurance Services

Group benefits has always been a team effort. Especially today, the amount of service work and follow-up required means there's little room for amateurs --- and o ur team of dedicated group service workers have been at it for over a decade. Dee Dee started the agency in 1994, and with the help of Brian and Nicole and her team of dedicated service employees, it has grown to be a California based agency with tentacles in many other states. For over 10 years, our agency has built a solid reputation as Surf Cities most trusted business. Our agency is committed to providing quality service to the community. We believe that a reputation as an honest and reliable business is the recipe for success. While others seek to profit by cutting corners, or recommending unnecessary services to customers, Surf City Insurance Services believes that a good reputation and consistent service will reap bigger profits in the long run. Our unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value is what makes us competitive and why our loyal customers won't go anywhere else. We look forward to serving you!

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